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Starting Out and Starting Over

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Starting Out and Starting Over

December 31, 2013

It is almost a new year. A photography business started but not completely formed. New directions. New demands of time and energy. What will 2014 bring? It's a surprise! Stay tuned and we'll all find out as the new year unfolds before us............

January 4, 2014
With the help of a kind, patient nephew one more step has been completed in this new adventure. Thanks, Bruce!

January 19, 2014
The more things change the more they stay the same is an old saying that is true in some respects. But the changes at our home in the last two months are bringing even more changes than we expected.

I started the legal aspect of my photo business late last summer by forming my LLC and joining FAA. Plans were to devote all, if not most, of my time, money and energy to this new venture in 2014.

I have been taking pictures on and off since I was a teen but I started taking thousands of shots in the past several years after buying a digital camera. I bought the point and shoot camera because I became a RealtorĀ® and needed to take pictures of my listings. I soon realized that God knew I would spend the money on a new camera and computer for my new career. In the process He re-sparked my passion for photography.

About a year into my new career I made the statement that I would quit real estate when I sold my first picture. Well, it didn't exactly happen like that. For several years I was focused on real estate and treated my photography as my hobby. All of my career plans changed in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina blew through, destroying our home and community. The majority of my time and energy was focused, first on survival and then on rebuilding our home and lives. All the while I was still taking pictures. It was a way to share my experience with my family and friends.

In 2013 real estate was basically "dead in the water" for me and I decided that I would devote 2014 to getting serious about a photography business. That all changed at the beginning of December when my husband was permanently laid off from his job. The plan of going inactive in real estate turned into joining a more active real estate firm and the plan to buy a more professional camera has been put on hold.

I have decided not to let that discourage me. I will continue to go through my files and upload the pictures that I have already taken. Ones that I like, the ones that friends and family have admired and maybe a few that I feel might appeal to others.

Okay.....I've started. Stay tuned!

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